MetaPopit is a Play and Earn AAA Game built on the Polygon GameFi ecosystem. MetaPopit is an escape room adventure with multiplayer features. The game consist of puzzle elements where you need to find a way out of the level in a limited time and solve all the riddles along the way, bypass obstacles and collect resources. Passing one level gives access to the passage of the next and so on. This is a world full of mysteries and exciting adventures beyond space and time, where nothing is impossible. Combining procedurally generated realms through tactical investigation methods, this one of a kind game is in the works to be a huge player based hit. Built by AAA gaming and VFX studios: Created by SOPHORIA VFX and developed by STEPICO Games.
Each room of the level will be from a different geographic area and time era. One room can be in Ancient Egypt and the next one in a laboratory in 2072! The room combinations will be random assigned to the player for each game level.
Besides the investigation, in each room typology you could find collectable items that you can storage and use to gain special advantages.
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