MetaPopit is an innovative AAA gaming universe, based on blockchain technology. It offers a multidimensional experience filled with thrilling adventures that transcend space and time, where the impossible becomes possible. With procedurally generated realms and strategic investigation techniques, this unique game has the potential to become a popular hit among players. MetaPopit is an interactive multiplayer escape room game with challenging puzzle elements. The objective is to find a way out of each level within a limited time by solving riddles, navigating obstacles, and gathering resources. Each successful completion of a level unlocks the next one in the series. Built by AAA gaming and VFX studios: Designed by SOPHORIA VFX and developed by STEPICO Games.
MetaPopit offers a classic escape room experience where each level comprises multiple rooms that players must escape to unlock treasures
Each room is set in a different geographic location and time era, ranging from Ancient Egypt to a laboratory in 20782, and their combinations are randomly assigned to players in each game level.
Along with the escape puzzles, players can collect items in each room for special advantages.
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