It’s true, MetaPopit are digital, but their design is built to resemble real physical features: their rubbery body, their fluffy fur… You can almost touch them! These are all characteristics we gave each MetaPopit to make them more realistic and to bridge the gap between the digital universe and real, tangible objects. Because of this, the impact will be greater than the owner just possessing the MetaPopit; it will create a bond between the two, similar to the one we had with our toys when we were kids. We have created a procedural generator to help with ensuring the uniqueness of each MetaPopit.


Cute characters are not known for being particularly intelligent, but this is not the case when we talk about MetaPopit: in their world, the cutest = the smartest! So, our game philosophy is built on different contrasts. The main characters are not the classic characters you would find in an investigation/escape room game. At a first glance, you would not associate these cute characters with a mysterious and sci-fi atmosphere. But that’s where they live, and this is the fun part!

One of a kind

Each one has different features, colors, and outfits, including personalities! Each MetaPopit has different tastes, passions, and dreams.


The MetaPopit task is to solve enigmas in order to complete a certain number of rooms (depending on the level’s complexity) and find the final reward: treasure! The MetaPopit main power is speed, and they are divided into multiple velocity categories:

Fast 55%

Turbo 30%

Supersonic 10%

Hypersonic 5%

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