There are three kinds of keys that the players can find – each key opens a different time slot room:

  • yellow (opens the door to the room of the past)

  • red (opens the door to the room of the present)

  • blue (opens the door to the room of the future)

Keys allow the player to open the next room’s door and will also be collected.

  • Keys are used to open the rooms.

  • At the start of the game, players have 1 random key.

  • Players can find only 1 key in the room.

  • The key is generated in the room randomly, but 2 identical keys cannot be generated in a row. (The yellow key cannot be generated in the room of the past, for example).

  • When the player opens the room, the appropriate type key disappears from the player's inventory.

  • Keys accumulate on the special "Golden Key counter" as soon as they reach 60 - the player automatically receives the "Golden Key" and the counter will be reset.


The players can find and collect different items in the rooms.

  • Past rooms: coal

  • Present rooms: fuel

  • Future rooms: energy cell

The amount of resources in the room is random X - Y.

The resources position is random in the room.

When the player collects the resources, an icon of the selected resource and the amount appear above the character's head. Ex. Coal +2

Collectables (which can be exchanged on the marketplace) will give the players different advantages:

  • X coal = 1 extra time (+2 min).

  • X fuel = 1 checkpoint.

  • X energy cell = 1 hint.

Combining the different items will get you a prize in X coal + X fuel + X energy cell = Hard currency.


There are a few kinds of power-ups in the game:

  • Hints: a suggestion about the puzzle.

  • Checkpoints: an additional chance to pass the room.

  • Extra-time: extra time to complete the level.

Power-ups can be bought and sold in the in-game market.

Power-ups can be exchanged in the in-game market:

  • X coal = 1 extra time (+2 min)

  • X fuel = 1 checkpoint

  • X energy cell = 1 hint

Golden Key

This item allows the players to automatically pass a room.

  • Players can use the Golden key in any room of their choice.

  • When players use the Golden key in the room:

    1. A room is considered passed, players receive all rewards that were generated in that room in full.

    2. Experience is also counted in full.

    3. Completing Mini-games also counts and players receive a reward.

  • The golden key is removed from the inventory after use.

  • The number of golden keys in the player's inventory is not limited.

  • The golden key can be sold in the market.

  • After passing the room with the Golden Key, the player appears in front of the doors of the next room and will be able to choose through which door they will get to the other room.

  • If the player has at least one Golden Key, a button for using it will be available on the screen.

There are three ways to get the Golden key:

  1. Finding it in a treasure.

  2. Collecting X basic (yellow, red, blue) keys.

  3. Purchasing it in the Marketplace.


MetaPopit are obsessed with treasures! There are 2 kinds of treasures in the game:

  1. Small treasure, after finishing room

  2. Big treasure, after finishing level

Treasures differ in the number of rewards.

Once completing the mini-game, the players will gain a treasure.

Treasure is a part of the UI, and will not physically exist in the game.

The player receives a random reward, that can consist of:

  • $POPIT.

  • Hard currency.

  • Golden key.

  • Experience.

  • Power-ups (hints, checkpoints, extra-time)

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