What came first, the chicken or the egg? The MetaPopit!

In fact, they come from a long, long time ago, when it all started with the Big Bang.

MetaPopit are born from Supernova – the rocky fragments of the stellar explosion are full of very powerful energy that creates these little strange creatures.

Their name originates from the reaction... they POP out from the rocks!

When a player has 2 MetaPopits LVL 40 and above, he can pair them and get a Star Ticket for the pair. This ticket allows these 2 MetaPopits to make a trip into the universe and find a stellar fragment that can create a new MetaPopit! Each MetaPopit can travel to the universe 6 times max in their life.

The same MetaPopit couple can’t travel together again.

Stellar Fragment

  • An item that the player obtained from a space trip of 2 MetaPopits of level 40 and above.

  • The new MetaPopit will be created from the stellar fragment within 7 days.

  • Players should feed the stellar fragment with stellar dust every day.

  • If the player is less than X days late in feeding, they will be able to feed the stellar fragment later.

  • If the player is more than X days late, they should use a recovery formula from the marketplace.

  • The stellar fragment will be destroyed after the new MetaPopit creation.

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