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Telekinesis allows you to physically affect objects while being at a distance from them - to lift and manipulate them in the same way as if the spell-caster were holding them in his hands.
  • To solve the puzzles in the rooms, MetaPopit needs to lift, move, and lower objects.
  • MetaPopits are cosmic creatures. They developed their brains long ago, to the extent that they can do this with the power of thought.
  • To do this, he needs to approach the object, face it and press the key to lift it.
  • The Metapopit model will extend its arm forward, and the object will be fixed near its arm and will levitate at some distance above the floor.
  • A translucent backlight will glow around the raised object, which visually shows telekinesis.
  • Metapopit will be able to lift in this way only special objects that will be smaller than its size.
  • Pressing the key again will lower the object to the floor.
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