Character Controller

  • Standard physics acts on the character.

  • He can walk and jump.

  • Uses telekinesis (items relocate) to move interactive objects.

  • It reacts equally to non-interactive objects and walls - it stops.

Moving Speed - X

Jump - MetaPopit_height / 2

For PC:

Move with animation of walking and Turn in the direction

  • Forward (W)

  • Down (S)

  • Left (A)

  • Right (D)

Jump with animation of jumping and landing.

  • Jump (space)

Rotation of the Camera around the character when interacting with the mouse.

  • Mouse Y

  • Mouse X

Interaction with the Interactive object.

-One click on the Left button of the mouse:

  • Use interactive object

  • Activate Mini-game

  • Activate Zoom* on the code object

  • Activate Zoom* on the puzzle object

  • Pull the Lever

-Hold on the Right button of the mouse:

  • Lift an object with Telekinesis

Zoom* - the camera moves away from the character and zooms in to center a code lock or a puzzle object.

Deactivation of the zoom on the object of the code will happen automatically after opening the safe.

Player can deactivate zoom on the puzzle object with "Esc" key.

In code lock and puzzle object

  • Left button of the mouse to click on the on-screen buttons

In mini-game screen

  • Left button of the mouse to click on the on-screen buttons

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