Investigation and Mini-Games

The players have to interact with the room and its components in order to find hints and objects. They will then have to put all the information together, in order to solve the enigmas that will lead them to find the next room key.

The enigma types can be:

1. Puzzle

  • The player needs to assemble the picture into a single whole, moving the parts to the left and right and exchanging them with each other.

  • The image can be cut into different pieces.

2. Memory puzzle pairs matching

A classic, simple matching game. Its principle is that the player must collect pairs of cards, remembering their location on the table.

  • Symbols are placed randomly each time.

  • The player must find pairs for all the symbols.

3. Zen Match like

This minigame is a simpler version of Mahjong solitaire and with numbers instead of symbols.

Numbers are placed in different forms and orders on the screen. The player's task is to match all the same numbers in three in the special field below.

4. Find It

Often, there will be pictures on the walls of the rooms that the players will be able to interact with. In these situations, when they click on the picture, more information will appear, and they will have to find the requested elements in the image.

5. Logic Games

The players might have to solve some logic mini-games inside the room.

Using their logic skills they will have to find the way out of a labyrinth or pouring the ingredients in the right order to create a magic potion, just to name a few examples.

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