Free to Play

  1. After the first start of a game, the player creates a new account.

  2. If the player didn't purchase NFT, he will be able to go to the Marketplace and buy it.

  3. If the player decided not to buy, he will be able to play a game without NFT, with free MetaPopit.

  4. Gaming with standard MetaPopit have the same experience, as with NFT, but have some condition in-game:

    • The player sees the level of the standard MetaPopit always like Level 1. (but the system works like in-game with NFT)

    • The player sees to raise of level only for the Account Level.

    • The player does not have access to Hero Customization and any Cosmetics.

    • The player cannot use free exchange on the in-game market.

    • The player get only special Treasure(Account level treasure rewards pool(Free)).

  5. The player does not have a place on the Leaderboard.

  6. Players with free MetaPopit can't use XP boosters and XP potion.

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