As a MetaPopit owner, are you going to be busy for the weekend, but you still want to keep earning tokens? No problem, you can lend your MetaPopit!

Someone else can play with it and give the owner a percentage of the winnings.

This is a very cool feature of the MetaPopit game because, in addition to normal rewards, both players (the one who borrows and the one who lends) gain Lending Coins.

Players who do not have NFT can rent Metapopit from players who have it.

Rent is provided for X hours. If the one who provided it for rent decides to pick it back before the rent time ends, they will receive some penalties:

  • Back to the start of the last level, that was reached by Metapopit.

  • Everything that is earned while playing, by the one who borrowed, by the time of return is:

    • - 50% of all Resources

    • - 50% of all Power-ups

    • - 50% of the keys are found in the rooms.

    • - 25% of Hard Currency

The player who borrows increases their account level and receives after return:

  • 10% of all Resources

  • 5% of all Power-ups

  • 5% of the keys are found in the rooms.

  • 0.05% chance to get 5-10% of cryptocurrency $Popit.

  • 3% of Hard Currency

The player who lends increases the level of leased MetaPopit and receives after return:

  • 90% of all Resources

  • 95% of all Power-ups

  • 95% of all the keys found in the rooms

  • 100% of cryptocurrency $Popit. (with a chance to lose 0.05% of 5-10% in favor of the one who borrowed)

  • 97% of Hard Currency

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