Each room is set in a different geographic location and time era, ranging from Ancient Egypt to a laboratory in 20782, and their combinations are randomly assigned to players in each game level.

Every room is a generated puzzle, using a special puzzle generator, that the player must solve. Each room has its mini-game without which the passage of the room will be incomplete. By exploring the rooms, players will collect resources, experience, and various rewards.

Along with the escape puzzles, players can collect items in each room for special advantages.

Room types:

  • Yellow - past time setting. Players can find collectible item: “coal”.

  • Red - present time setting. Players can find collectible item: “fuel”.

  • Blue - future time setting. Players can find collectible item: “energy cell”.

The room consists of:

  • Corridors and rooms - the player will move along them.

  • Barriers and mechanisms - block the path, hide rewards and objects in certain parts of the room. They can be moved away by activating the mechanisms, this will require special items that are scattered around the room.

  • Mini-games - activated using items. Opens a passage to the secret parts of the treasure room.

  • The exit door is the main objective that the player must find.

Behind the exit door is a Transition room with 2-3 doors that work as a transition to the next room within the level. The first room of the level cannot be transition.

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