The leaderboard is a very important feature for all players.

There are two tabs on the leaderboard, one shows the highest-level players of all time, and the other offers the highest-level MetaPopits. Player of the Month information will also be displayed.

When playing, the player gets EXP points that make his MetaPopit grow in level. The higher level of Metapopit, the higher the position of the MetaPopit on the Leaderboard is. Every cleared room, mini-games, and level makes the MetaPopit gain experience points. Leaderboard Metapopits are shown by a large table with top X Metapopits. Each includes:

  • Level of the Metapopit.

  • An image of the Metapopit with all cosmetic changes.

  • The name of the player who owns it.

  • Link to the marketplace if the player chooses to put it up for sale.

The players' overall score in a level is calculated based on the account level.

Leaderboard Player is another tab with the top X players, in the cells on it:

  • Avatar of the player.

  • Level of the player

  • Picture of the Metapopit or pictures of all Metapopits which they have.

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